Varial Surf Technology was pioneered by childhood friends Parker Borneman and Edison Conner.  The two shared a revolutionary vision of using advanced materials and engineering to create faster, lighter, stronger surfboards. Hungry to succeed, Parker studied at USC and worked in finance while Edison studied materials engineering at the UPenn and then earned a Master’s in mechanical engineering from UCLA.  Over the following years the two partners spent countless hours developing their new technologies in the back of aerospace composite shops and in Jeff “Doc” Lausch’s surfboard factory.  They received some key help along the way from a grant through Wharton School of Business and the knowledge Edison gained during his work on rockets at SpaceX.  Their vision became a reality with the creation of 3 new technologies centered on major improvements to the core of surfboards: Varial Foam, Aluminum Honeycomb, and Nomex Honeycomb. These three technologies were adapted from advanced aerospace materials and produce the world’s highest-performance surfboards.  Varial Foam is our flagship product and is just the start of the Materials Revolution.

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Varial Surf Technology has the most advanced AKU machine ever built and offers a full cutting service of AKU, Shape 3D and .SRF files.


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